You are responsible for giving us the correct shipping address. You are also responsible for using an email address you ACTUALLY check when you place your order. We can only get your order to you or converse with you if you make sure of both, please. If an item is returned because the address you gave us has proven undeliverable by the USPS we will get in touch and kindly ask for the correct address and postage to be able to send the package back out to you.

Please be sure to read all details in the product description BEFORE you place your order.

FUKC CLOTHING COMPANY is a small independent business, please allow 2-5 business days for your order to ship, if we've it/them in stock. If not, we'll send you an email telling you the day you'll receive the package. We try our best to provide any tracking information available.

We reserve the right to refund money and refuse sales to anyone who SUCKS... so, don't FUKC... we are in this for the LOVE OF CHOPPERS and not to steal your money... please give us a chance before you yell. We go above and beyond all the time to fix problems - no matter who created them - but we have to have a chance first.

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