FUKC CLOTHING COMPANY was founded by Marcos Vazquez in 2012 in Spain.

Marcos raised and lived in a motorcyling scene during his youthfulness , a healthy dose of rock music and a "do it yourself" attitude , combined with years of experience in the Kustom Kulture World.
After open his first shop in 2004 and then his own garage in 2009, he decided it was time to start a new adventure, this time on the clothing market.

At the heart of FUKC CLOTHING COMPANY, surrounded with choppers, music, , kustom art, memorabilia from the past, he try to design clear and concise designs, intent to show that hard attitude towards society but always with respect, playing with words and concepts.

FUKC takes a stand against many of the apalling practices of the clothing industry.
All production, as well as fabrics developement are retained in Spain.
Placing great significance in spanish craftsmen, traditions and respect to our customers.

We do things our way, with conviction and always trying to offer the best products, quality garments and durable goods, thinking that's the best for our customers and for us as a brand.

FUKC CLOTHING COMPANY is as Clothing Brand 100% Handmade in Spain.

Made with passion and not for fashion.